Dartmouth Advantage Partners, LLC is a real estate development and construction company which develops single-family housing, condominiums and apartments in Eastern Massachusetts.

The company provides a broad range of real estate services to evaluate, purchase, develop and construct residential housing projects and was founded by Albert Ellis and Rick Katz.

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Our Vision:  Successful real estate development projects will provide investors superior returns on a risk-adjusted basis.  The success of a project requires expertise in the following areas: site selection, due diligence, entitlements and permitting, sitework execution, vertical construction execution, and sales and marketing.

Target Market:  Dartmouth Advantage Partners’ target market is residential for-sale and for-rent projects in select locations in eastern MA. The Company focuses on projects ranging from 10+ to several hundred residences to provide superior returns.

Competitive Advantage Through Local Knowledge and Experience:  Mr. Ellis and Mr. Katz have worked in real estate development fields for 35 and 22 years respectively.  Both principals have experience in several market cycles.  We have an extensive network of deal sources including landowners, estate lawyers, real estate professionals, etc.

Advantage of Both For-Sale and For-Rent Development: Dartmouth Advantage Partners is pursuing development opportunities in both the for-sale and rental residential markets.  Participation in both sectors serves as a natural hedge for a downturn in either market.

Exclusive Opportunity in Select Urban Centers:  Dartmouth Advantage Partners is also working closely with a number of Eastern Massachusetts mayors and town elected officials on the redevelopment initiatives of selected core city and town center sites.
The company is working on this initiative on an exclusive basis through a prominent politically-connected Boston law firm.